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How to Apply Silicone Caulk to Kitchen Sink - Easy Steps for a Leak-Free Seal

by Georgia Nunn 13 Jun 2024
How to Apply Silicone Caulk to Kitchen Sink - Easy Steps for a Leak-Free Seal

A high performance and good qualitycaulk is essential for use in your kitchen. An area prone to high moisture and regularly exposed to potential contaminants, it is important that the formula used is highly durable. Alongside durability, it is important that the caulk is mould and mildew resistant, as the high moisture and humidity are optimal conditions for the growth of black mould. A silicone caulk will be both durable and mould resistant, the high degree of elasticity in a silicone based caulk will ensure that the caulk is more hardwearing and can withstand weight bearing and temperature fluctuation.

Choosing the Right Caulk

Here are some of our recommended silicones and caulks for your kitchen sink:

Everflex Premium+ 500 Bath & Sanitary Silicone White 295ml

  • Permanently flexible

  • Quick curing formula

  • Does not discolour upon ageing

Everbuild Bath & Kitchen Sealant White 290ml

  • Solvent free
  • Anti-fungal and mould resistant
  • Easy application and clean up process

Soudal Bathroom & Kitchen Silicone Clear 290ml

  • UV resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • Low odour
  • Easy to apply

Preparing the Surface

The preparation of the sink surface is the most important step in ensuring a watertight seal is formed between the joint and that there is sufficient adhesion.

To begin preparing the sink surface:

Remove Old Caulk

  • Using a utility knife, carefully cut away the old, existing caulk, ensuring that nothing remains.

You may want to use a softening agent for this, or apply a solvent to the caulk to begin the dissolving process.

Clean the sink surface

  • Take some rubbing alcohol or methylated spirit on a clean cloth, and wipe over where the existing caulk was to remove any residue and degrease the surface. Make sure to allow it to dry completely.

Masking Tape

Before you begin, place down masking tape on either side of the joint you will be caulking, as this will catch any excess caulk and make sure you have clean, straight lines.

The tape should be removed before the caulk begins to cure and form a skin as otherwise you risk disrupting the seal and feathering the caulk.

Applying the Caulk

  1. Place your caulk cartridge into the caulk gun and cut the nozzle at a 45° angle. It is important that when cutting the nozzle, you make the opening slightly smaller than the desired width so that you can control the size of the caulk bead more easily with pressure.

  2. Apply the caulk around the joints of the sink, making sure to use a consistent working speed, so that the caulk bead comes out evenly.

  3. Using either a wet fingertip or a caulk smoothing tool, and run around the joints the caulk has just been applied to. This will make sure the caulk is pushed into any gaps and will help to remove any excess.

  4. If any excess caulk remains on the sink surface, dab some methylated spirit or rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe away.

Allow the caulk to cure fully. This should take around 24-48 hours, and during this time you should refrain from using the sink.

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